Atta Boy, Go on That Safari

I’m on a mission.

I’m on a mission to capture elements of noir… on film. It’s a dangerous mission into the underbelly of society. It’s dark, it’s fruitless, and most of all, it’s served ice cold. Here’s some elements of noir… and here are the photos that were taken in their image.

1. Dramatic Use of Shadows: They once called her, “Bright Eyes.”

2. Venetian blind Effect: “Jonny gave me flowers,” she smirked. “I have no place for dead things.”

3. Tableau: Two dames meetin’ over drinks. One’s married- the other’s a mistress. Problem is, they both have amnesia and can’t remember who’s who.

4. Off kilter: You can never truly tame a stallion, and you can never truly tame noir.

5. Grittiness of the urban environment: Streets are dirty even when they appear to be clean.

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