I Like What I Like And Hate What I Hate

This whole internet thing is so very exciting. I decided to try the thing called, “pinterest”. Quite entertaining I must say!

What a great forum to show people what you like in the most.

Here is the link to said pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.com/yellowgold13/victoire-absinthe/

(note: I am to tell you that this was “super easy and actually more enjoyable than most of the assignments done so far because, well, the creator got to look at nice pictures and call it homework.” there. I’ve done my duty. I’m going to get a cocktail.)

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  1. Alecia Bridgewater

    I tried out this whole pinterest thing this week too, I had never seen such a thing! It really was a lot of fun to put all of the things that I like on a ‘board’ as they call it. Thanks for sharing yours!


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