It’s Sunday: Week Review

This half of the week passed in a blur! I also needed to get my stuff done asap before I left on a class field trip to a Buddhist Monastery in West Virginia. Internet access isn’t really an option,  as the main point is to cut off from society. It sounds pretty hippie, but i’m into it and looking forward to the experience. I feel bad that it kinda sucks that I’m bouncing out early in the week, but hey, I’ve been signed up to go on this trip for months so I’m going to go, know what I mean?

So the group spent some time divy-ing up the remaining leads of the case on our communal google doc. There was a bit of a lull in term of figuring out how to wrap everything up.

Victoire ended up finding out that Groom was kidnapped by the Russian for his own good. Turns out they are friends, and the Russian kidnapped Groom for his own protection and well being.  Victoire ran into the duo at a restaurant outside of LA, and was able to snap a picture as well as find a note lodged under a chair that was from the Russian to Groom. Presumably sent on the sly to avoid detection.


Then, Victoire found out that the Russian kid napped Groom.


Here are some tweets that Victoire sent out:


In case you didn’t see it, here was Wednesday’s summary with the posts I wrote up earlier this week.

Wednesday review: http://adventuresofm.org/uncategorized/its-wednesday/

See you all next week!



  1. salkhel2

    Good job investigating we are in the same case!

  2. Julia James

    Who knew the Russians would kidnap Groom for his own good?! It’s hard to find people like that in the world we live in.

    Jewel out.

  3. Jim Groom (@jimgroom)

    This is the most believable story yet :)