NPR Got Nothing On Me: Interview With Victoire

Victoire Absinthe is a pretty busy woman. In between her escapades for gold and men, she has an appreciation for good talk radio. There’s nothing quite like sitting down to a nice cup of tea made by her own hand (see Tea Time Bitches) and listening to a good talk radio report. Often times, Victoire pretends that is she on the radio being interviewed, not the boring sap that is usually on…. talking about “family” and “value of friendship” and “the love of their lives”. If SHE were interviewed, she was pretty sure she would be a lot more entertaining.

Every once in awhile, Victoire catches herself dozing off into a fantasy world where it is SHE who is interviewed…

The day was March 29…. Groom was holding the interview….

So,  for this video I first recorded myself- I mean Victoire- answering some of the questions from Groom. I spent awhile trying to figure out how to implement the clips into the video. Should I use cue cards? Cut and paste? Answer the questions as if they had already been asked? I ended up with this video as a result. As always, I used iMovie to put it all together. This is the page to all the questions:   You can find our questions here

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