Please Ma’am, Can I Have Another Comment?!

Following the example from last week, I have commented ten more times on some more blogs. Here are the links to my comments! Really got a move on with this considering I got them things to do later this week!

Enjoy, my friends. May your blogging be painless and fun…and not actually start to dictate your life like my blogging has.

1. http://kelsroach.com/the-daily-creates/these-are-a-few-of-my-favorite-things/#comment-246

2. http://trysoccer29.com/radio-show/195/#comment-200

3. http://julaszakovits.com/daily-creates/five-things-that-bring-me-joy/#comment-213

4. http://kinzer.us/noir-106/rockin-rockin-pet-store/#comment-97

5. http://heyitsleanna.com/assignments/all-about-that-font/#comment-122

6. http://sgrubbs2.com/radio-show/radio-show-logo/#comment-210

7. http://landonepp.com/thought-and-ideas/inside-promo-talking/#comment-132

8. http://www.kbarbeelibrary.net/shelley-layton/sleuth-sticker/#comment-193

9. http://www.kbarbeelibrary.net/assignments/itty-bitty-kitty/#comment-194

10. http://delovelyames.com/ds106/daily-create-eternally-choosing-joy/#comment-81


  1. Paul

    Blogging is supposed to dictate your life – isn’t that what #4life means?

    But seriously, your commenting rules. It’s what ties this class together. The more, the better.

    1. Megan (Post author)

      Ugh you’re right!!! I’ve entered a cult. Great.


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