Princesses and Villains Oh My!

Veronique Absinthe is, as you all know, a writer of trashy novels. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have an acute appreciation for other types of books as well… like murder mysteries. She loves looking at the plots and the devises in which the murders are committed… Not saying that she would ever actually commit a murder, but, as pragmatic as Veronique is, a girl needs to know certain things. It’s dangerous out there for a dame! She also has a soft spot for Disney stories. While Veronique may have more in common with Disney Villains like the Evil Queen in Snow White, she likes to think of herself as a bit more innocent. She sees herself more in line with Alice in Wonderland, an innocent girl out in the big, wide, crazy world. Mad hatters around every corner trying to seduce and entice her. But she drinks her potion and gets out of trouble with her wits, and oftentimes, her gun. She wants to fly under the radar. Visit banks in peace. But sometimes, even against her will, she’s spotted by bigger fish.


This assignment mainly had to do with taking a classic piece of Disney memorabilia and looking at it in a different way, and focusing on the object instead of the background. Ok, so, I figured that a tea cup is pretty standard for Alice in Wonderland. But, that’s why I wanted to pair  it with the book picture, and weave some sort of narrative about how Veronique wants to view herself as Alice in the story, but is more akin to an incredibly vain villain who is jealous of that innocence. I’m hoping that this added thought takes a couple of standard images and creates something more original and creative.


Reading is for winners


If you’re interested in trying this on your own, here’s the link!

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