Tune In Next Time…Week 4 Summary

This week, the focus has been about audio in noir. Which, to be frank, I knew nothing about. Sure, I have the visuals, framing, and light down, but I never really thought about the audio part. I learned a lot this week as a result.

Anyway, so I started off the week by doing some reading, and reflecting on those readings. It was one of those things where I understood and appreciated audio, but still didn’t truly understand how to implement it into my blog posts and assignments. There seemed to be a lot of variables involved that I didn’t truly understand how to work with and utilize to their full potential. I’ve broken up all my reflective work into  four parts, and can be found in the Assignments category and/or at the bottom of this weekly summary. These summaries include my preliminary thoughts about noir audio, my commentary to the DS106 radio show, my reactions to the edited and un-edited Touch of Evil opening shots, and my commentary to Schlotterbeck’s Companion to Film Noir chapter about sound in film noir.

Once I began working on the audio posts I started to understand how to work with sound. It was cool to notice how the overlaying of sounds resulted in different moods and could lead to different stories. In my audio assignments this week, I did my best to reflect my character, Victoire Absinthe, as she traveled from her past city to her new city of Nashville. I kept it to this scene in particular because I think there was a lot to be explored in her travels. In making my audio assignments, I went ahead and recorded different sounds and put them together in Audacity. I haven’t fully worked out all the kinks of the program, but I understand enough to make these beginner audio files. It took a try or two to get it in working order, but after that it came along pretty well.

This week I tuned in to the DS106 radio station on Tuesday at 9 pm- when I tuned in there was an incredibly weird story going on, it was hilarious but weird, but then it switched to a noir story. I enjoyed listening to the story over the radio- I must admit, I used to be very confused to why people would be so excited to listen to the radio. I still don’t fully understand, but I am a lot closer to getting it now. I live tweeted the show, and those tweets can be found on my twitter page en masse, or I put a couple into DID YOU HEAR THAT?!? part 2.

Challenges this week were mainly with figuring out how to create stories from sounds. As I have said over the course of this week, putting sound to story was an unprecedented challenge for me. It was strange to go from not paying any attention to sound to giving it all of my attention and figuring out how sound plays into stories. Figuring out Audacity took a bit of time as well, but with a couple of ye olde google searches I figured it out well enough!

Anyway, here are all of the assignments I have completed this week- I hope you enjoy them, and please don’t forget to comment!

Daily Creates for this week: (2 were required and I completed 2)

1. Sorry!

blues clues

2. Cute puppy alert!

Written Assignments for this week:

 DID YOU HEAR THAT?!? part 1




Better Take an Umbrella it’s a Brainstorm

Audio Assignments for this week:

Nobody’s Ever Called Me A, “Morning Glory”: 2 stars, here is the LINK to the original assignment

Radio Bumper : 2.5 stars, here is the LINK to the original assignment

Stranger in the Night: 3.5 stars, here is the LINK to the original assignment

Red Eye: 3.5 stars, here is the LINK to the original assignment

Total stars: (excluding radio bumper) 9

See you all next week!

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