Tutorial: how to successfully pass this class

I realize that I still have yet to post a tutorial for this class. So, without further ado, a tutorial on how to successfully pass Ds106.

1. Know what you’re getting into early. This class is fun, but it will suck up your time like none other.

2. Make your social media accounts early, and make sure that you have a way to record all your passwords and social media, because nothing sucks more than to restart your computer and have to re sign in and you forgot your passwords. Trust me. It blows.

3. When you get your weekly assignments, start writing your weekly summary. Set up a template where you outline all the assignments you are going to do, and then fill them in as you do the assignments.

4. Do your tutorial and your assignment submissions early in the semester so you don’t forget and do your tutorial at the last minute. (ahem.)

5. Try to do your daily creates in the morning so you don’t have to worry about doing them later in the day, early in the week so as not to worry about it later.

6. Really, don’t procrastinate. It won’t work out. Can you sense a theme, here?!?!

7. Don’t worry about being “in the box.” This is one of the few classes where you are encouraged to do WHATEVER you want creatively. Like, don’t limit yourself. Don’t bother with “classroom” speak. Be fun. Be adventurous. Be you.

8. Don’t make a boring blog.

9. Blogging will become kind of ingrained in you, so be prepared to have an itch to blog when this is all over. Because it will be there. Trust me,

10. Don’t just blindly forget or “mind dump” all of the stuff you’ve learned- use this stuff later in life and in other classes.


  1. Jim Groom (@jimgroom)

    Words of wisdom, you have had a hell of a semester Megan, and this is a great list.

    #ds106 -it’s #4life!

  2. Kathy Onarheim

    Wise beyond your former experiences! Well stated – hope you continue to share so that we can all see your continued growth – and someday say … I knew her when…. :-)


  3. martha

    Wow Megan. This is such an awesome synopsis of the ds106 experience.

  4. Cheyanne McKinney

    What a great tutorial! I could have used this tutorial at the beginning of the semester.


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