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Aight so I listened to the noir radio “Dinner at 6″ Thursday night…. the general premise of the show is like the game, Clue. There were a bunch of characters and their host was killed- so the group is trapped and has to find the killer among them.

It’s weird- like, our show had the same idea, but our show was soo different! It’s incredible how two groups with the same idea can flip things around to come up with completely different shows. This show was more classically clue, while ours was a bit different from the original. Ours was a compilation of monologues, and this one was back and forth dialogue.

I came up with some pretty boss tweets (at least I thought so)… take a look!

In this show, I’ll again come up with a pros and cons list, to keep things organized.


From what was said in the intro to the show, they pretty much did this on the fly. If you did this on the fly, that’s pretty damn impressive. There was a lot of back and forth in the dialogue which I know must have taken sooooo long to write and record. So for that, kudos. You guys did a fantastic job.

Also, It’s great how they had all the characters interact I was a bit confused about who everyone was, but the interaction was great. There was tons of back and forth between everybody and it seemed as if everybody got enough time to speak.

That butler’s voice was fantastic. I don’t know what they did, but it was like the perfect mix of sauve and creepy as hell.

The sass was real and that’s always a bonus.

The sound effects were fantastic. I especially loved that thunderstorm.


I was kind of confused to who all the characters were…I wish there was a bit more emphasis on who was who and why they were all there.

Sometimes the merging of voice clips was a bit rough and hard to understand.

It sounded as if some of the voices were too far from the mike so it was muffled and quiet.

Some of the inflection was really weird…? Like weird words were emphasized….?

I’m also really confused about the ending…was it supposed to leave you hanging, or what? Who killed the dude? I wanted answers, damn it!

I know that putting on a radio show is tough- great job on plugging on through! Seriously, though, those sound effects were A+ material.

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  1. Savanna

    I also made a “guns’ tweet. Here:https://twitter.com/SavannaTRMA/status/578725862566133760


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