Whoa, bro, is this the future?

Oh.. hello. I didn’t see you there. I was busy playing my nintendo ds gaming system. What? You’ve never heard of such a thing? Is that witch craft?! IS THAT FROM THE GOVERNMENT?!?

why, yes. yes it is.

One of the old flames works for a security agency. He was kind of a big deal, but I weaseled this tech out of him. I have to keep it under lock and key, though. He said that it wasn’t set to release till some ridiculous date in the future… like 2013.

It’s one of my favorite possessions…. mainly because nobody else has it and I shouldn’t have it either.

Whao, bro, is that from the future?

To make this video, I used my webcam and recorded myself going through the features of the ds. Since I set Victoire up to be a brunette and I’m very obviously NOT a brunette, I’m saying that she went blonde to keep undercover in her new environment. Yeah. Let’s roll with that for right now. I threw some editing effects into the video and some background music to keep it lively, and Viola. There you have it.

Although, I ran through this vid the first time realizing halfway through that my ds was out of battery so that was a bummer. I realized it would be super lame if I did a ds vid without actually showing a ds with all the stuff so I had to wait and do it all over again.


Also, I’m not sure what’s up with my webcam, but it did the stalling thing again. I will try to figure out a way to go around this for the interview project for this week. If it’s getting old for me, I can only imagine what it’s like to watch.

I’m on it!




  1. sgrubbs2

    Love your videos! Such a good idea to introduce this “new” product. You did an awesome job with your character!

    1. Megan (Post author)

      Thank you!!

  2. Brian Christiansen

    Really related it to your character and that is hard to do! Nice work!

    1. Megan (Post author)

      Thank you! I really appreciate it


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