Will Work For Lipstick

I have finally put my writing talents to work and have created a resume for you all to enjoy. I must say, the one page format was rather limiting, and unfortunately I could not include ALL of my banking experience. However, if you must, go look at it.

Also, as a word to the wise, I have relocated to New York City- it would appear that I now have a position at a small, family owned company. How quaint! It’s called, “Hit Me.”

My pretty resume can be found on the website. However, here are my credentials for now.

They have a website at: the1agency.wordpress.com





Hello, darlings. I am young, I am pretty, and I am capable. While my history is in writing romance novels for housewives, my side business of bank management has become more prominent. Banking is my pride and joy, and my money skills are without parallel.


Author, Love Me Publishers, California, 1930-Present

Active writer of Romance Novels featuring pirates, highlanders, Atlantians, Astronauts and tax collectors.

Nationally acclaimed and celebrated from Romance For Life weekly magazine.

Public appearances at speakeasies through the midwest and southwest

Harold’s Family Bank, Phoenix, Arizona

Created lasting relations with employees with charm and professionalism.

San Fransisco Bank of Rich People, San Fransisco, California

Handled withdrawals with proficiency and professionalism.

Nashville’s Bank of Pretentious People, Nashville, Kentucky

Provided excellent customer service to a number of clients during the duration of employment.


University of Life, bitches, circa ye old lifetime


Excellent writing and typing ability

Proficient bank teller

Budgeting and managerial experience

Research and travel expert


Unfortunately, many of my references are unavailable- they all have seemed to have perished rather recently. It’s tragic, really.

Tell me whatcha think