Words Seared

Victoire missed her dead brother.

Did she ever tell you she had a brother? Probably not. Some things are best to keep close and not let other people see. Lest they use it as a weapon against you.

He died in the War. It was something that tore Victoire apart. She thought that watching the Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin by help… for some reason. Isn’t the weirdest things the ones that made people feel better?

Well, when Chaplin got to the part about soldiers, it didn’t make Victoire feel better, it enraged her. It filled her with a fire to rebel. His words seared themselves into her memory. When she closed her eyes, the words stood out against the stars she saw behind her eyelids.

And rebel she did.

For this assignment I used The Greatest Speech Ever Made by Charlie Chaplin. Beyond the fact that it fits in with Victoire’s history concerning her brother and her fall into the criminal world, I personally am always very moved by this speech. Here is the video of the speech, and here is the link to the full text.


I used a iMovie to do this assignment, and used audacity to record the music in the background then imported it into iMovie. The song is from youtube, and is called Window.

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