Radio Show Week 1: So it Begins

Alright so this week was all about starting the DS106 Radio Show project.

Early in the week I went ahead and read the assignments for this week, and started a search for group members on twitter. Thankfully the search started and ended fairly quickly as everyone was so keen to find group members and to get started. For this project I am teamed up with 5 other super cool girls;

Erin Clark

Stephanie White

Savanna Palmer

Tiffany Yowell

July Laszakovits

Stephanie went ahead and created a google doc for us right of the bat so we could have a place to put all our ideas for the show and to discuss them in an open forum. Meanwhile we are also communicating via twitter so other people can peep in on our progress, and see how we are doing.

here is the link to (one of) our full conversation: https://twitter.com/eriee27/status/568130682607816705

I went ahead and added more to the google doc in terms of ideas for the show as well as advertisement ideas, and the others joined in and discussed what ideas we liked, and what would work for our 25-30 minute show. Furthermore, we added in all of our characters so we had an idea of who we had to work with. Turns out there are a lot of femme fatales in the group! Which I personally think could be really fun and funny.

We decided to go ahead and name our show, “Get a Clue”, and it is going to be like a game of Clue, where somebody died and the rest of the characters have to go off and find the clues to find out who committed the crime. Since there is only one male, we’ve pretty much decided that he is going to be killed off early in the program and the rest of the characters have to discover clues and whatever to figure out who killed him and why. Ultimately I think we want the show to be funny. I think we are going to be so serious over a really stupid cause of death that it’s dramatic to the point of humor. Which I think will work- I mean, I like serious stuff as much as the next person but man you can either float or sink on that one. Sometimes it’s just too serious and kind of forced. Meanwhile, I think humor will be fun, and somehow more relatable or something that people will want to listen to.

I also started working on ads and things- mainly because I enjoy doing them. Here are a couple of samples of things I have done for the show based off what we agreed on earlier this week… things may change, though!


talking shit

sticker lips

then I went ahead and edited my, “heard you were talking shit” poster…

shtI’m not sure which one I like better.

We also have ideas and scripts for ads, at least one or two bumpers, and a plot line for our radio show. All we need now is the script! It’s one of those things where you say, “oh, all I have to do is the script it’s cool- not you’re so behind.” but, like, I think we’ve done a lot this week. So I’m not going to complain! I’m proud of us.

*phew* well, onwards.



  1. pboyle5912

    I love the idea of making a murder funny. I think that is a great idea and I am sure as long as your having fun it will be great.

    1. Megan (Post author)

      i’m glad you like it- so far it’s been fun so I’m hoping it translates!

  2. Kendall Parker

    Your group has made a lot of progress this week! I love the idea of focusing on humor in a noir story. I often thought when listening to DS106 Radio that the focus on such serious topics was to the point of slight humor. I’m proud of you guys too because my group is at about the same point…the script! Good luck!

    1. Megan (Post author)

      I know! it’s insane how much we’ve gotten done over the past few days. Good luck to you, too!

  3. Aubrey Howland

    This is so cool! I love how you are making your radio show into a murder mystery game! My team and I went to a murder mystery show in DC and it was really cool. I can’t wait to hear the full show!

    1. Megan (Post author)

      that’s so cool! where was the show? is it reoccurring? cause i’m into that


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