To Quote Some Dude…

“I don’t like green eggs and ham.”

I was struck with the potency of these words.The poor guy was trying to impart what he liked and didn’t like, but was constantly belittled. The “moral” of the story was to try new things and to be open to change. I think it’s unhealthy propaganda made to inform the status quo on an unsuspecting and entirely unwavering party. Is there anything wrong with sticking to your guns and resisting the man who attempts to force things down your throat?

Of course not!

Yet here we are- an entire generation of children believing that “trying new things” forced upon them by annoying third parties is a good thing.

To that, I say….

Screenshot 2015-04-04 18.01.42


  1. Spencer Scott

    I really like your post. You did a great job writing like a old hat.

    Your rebel hippie is showing. It’s good to see some of that around here. Especially while including some insight about our generation and third party advertisers. “Try this because it’s new and ‘everybody is doing it'” isn’t a good mindset to get into, so I’m glad you made that point.

    I couldn’t help but read the image as “Don’t trust the system! Trust me!” as the flowers speaking (maybe the Florax would speak for them?).

    Good work!

  2. stephaniebwhite

    YESSS! Love it! SO true haha


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