A Little Bit o’This A Little Bit o’That: Weekly Summary 8

As it was the week after Spring Break, I had a bit of trouble getting myself back in the swing of things in terms of work. Which is why, while I created the daily creates on their appointed day, I didn’t get around to making the posts for said daily creates until this weekend.

In terms of work, I must admit the week felt a bit dis-jointed for me. It was kind of a hodgepodge of activities, and it was difficult for me to really cohesively do all the assignments for this week. While I appreciate the reasonings for the commenting posts and the idea behind the collaborative posts, I can’t say that I was totally thrilled with the prospect of integrating other people’s characters with my own- and not for selfish reasons, at all!! Rather, I’m still trying to figure out my own character, and I’m sure my peers are doing the same with their own. It was difficult to not only create stories for me, but to integrate characters whom I know little about into my own narrative which might mess up the narrative for my classmates characters. Had I been introduced to the characters earlier in the creative process, this might have been easier. But, as it were, I had difficulty.

I had the best success in the daily creates. I think before now I tried to at least follow the prompt, but this week I kind of threw it all to the wind and did my own thing and you know what? I actually like them. I think they’re funny in a really weird way. I hope you liked them, too!

See you all next week!


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10 Stars worth of Collaborative Character Assignments: 

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