Get a Clue: Week 6 Summary

With all the snow earlier this week it was difficult to keep focused and to do a lot of work- while I’m usually really good at getting things done earlier in the week, everything kinda seemed to fall on the tail end for once. But, it got done, and that’s the most important thing!

Radio shows started this week. Which means that I, along with my classmates, freaked the f out and scrambled to find like minded people on Monday or as soon as possible. But it all worked out! I found a group of girls whom I throughly like, and work well with! We talked a lot over twitter as well as a common google docs page in order to come up with ideas and the general flow of our show. While I go into more detail in, Radio Show Week 1: So It Begins, I’ll give you a brief summary. Essentially, we decided to name our show, Got A Clue? It is going to be an overdramatic tale of the murder of a man in a house of femme fatales… who did it? why did they do it? All shall be revealed next week! I went ahead and made some potential posters/stickers for the show, and they seemed to go over pretty well. Upon Groom’s suggestion to edit a poster, I went ahead and did so, and that edit is…


sht while this was the original… talking shit

I like the font of the edited version, but the size of the font of the original. However, with the new font it was very difficult to read in that size, so I had to make it larger.

All of our ad and bumper ideas are in the same original post. My goal for next couple of days and into next week is get a script hammered out and to record all of my parts early and send them to the final editor of the show. I was suddenly invited (and am apparently going) to a family wedding at the end of next week, and am leaving Thursday afternoon… I won’t be able to work on the show much after that, so I need to get all my stuff done pronto.

The radio show was my main priority for the week. When I whipped my butt into gear to get the audio posts done, I had fun with them, but my heart wasn’t as into it as last time to be completely honest. While I know that this show is a lot of work and I signed up for it, designing and producing a radio show in 2 weeks is a lot. Gotta say I have a lot more respect for the writers and producers of radio shows now, though. Man do they deserve more credit.

Speaking of radio, I tuned in to DS106 radio and listened and live tweeted a noir broadcast. I liked the previous radio show more…. I think what bugged me this time was the woman’s voice. From looking at different blogs, I’m not alone in my opinion. The “throbiness” got a little old after a very short amount of time. Go ahead and look at Only Pearls for the original post.

Well, I’m off to go continue my dream of being a femme fatale… (mainly by means of drinking and staring out windows dramatically) so I’ll talk to you later! Below, as per usual, are the links to the assignments I’ve done this week.

1. Radio Show Progress: Radio Show Week 1: So It Begins

2. Radio Show Design Project: You Fool! The Design is All Wrong!

3. Radio Listen Along: I listened along to a noir radio show on DS106’s online radio cite. Here is the original post for my thoughts of the program: Only Pearls…

4. Audio Posts (10.5 stars, 5 for my character)

Chirping with Happiness: 3 stars

Walk Into A Room, and This is What You Hear:4 stars

Advertisements to the X-TREME :2 stars

 It’s Like Karaoke. Except Not: 1.5 stars

5. Ten comments on other people’s blogs… well, here you go… I also made an original post with all of these links embedded… to check out the original post, click this LINK













  1. Savanna

    So I never saw this Noir meme in our convos! It is perfection and so are you! <3

    1. Megan (Post author)

      AW… thank you!


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