Have You Got That Clue Yet? : Week 7 Summary

This week is the second week of the radio show project… things went pretty smoothly, I think. I started off the week by creating an outline for our script that the girls could fill in at their discretion. It served as a pretty (at least I think) easy to navigate template so we had everything that we would be editing together in one place. Since I was leaving early this week to go to a wedding (turned into Wednesday afternoon instead of Thursday… the weather. what’re ya gonna do?) I had to make sure that I was as done with the radio project and weekly assignments as early as possible so that I could make sure my group members had everything the needed from me, and so that I could go ahead and have a really good time at this wedding.

Daily Creates:

1.  A Poem for a weasel: LINK to daily create page, LINK to original post

2. Emoji conversation: LINK to daily create page, LINK to original post

3. Ds106 Starship: LINK to daily create page, LINK to original post

Radio Show Stuff: Here are the links and things to the radio show project related posts. A lot of summary and things that happened this week occurred in lieu of the radio show, so for more specific insight into this week’s work and toil, please check out the weekly report.

1. Radio Show: without further ado, the radio show. Located at the end of this post for clarity’s sake, please sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. If you like it, comment! If you don’t, well…

2. Radio Show Weekly Report: here is the LINK to the original post. This post will have all the information you’re looking for, and then some.


1. Commenting Assignment… here is the LINK to the original post. I went ahead and made 10 more comments on peoples blogs. They had best brighten their days!

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