Lucky For You I’m In A Transition Period: Week 10 Summary

Ok, so I’ve started off the week feeling a lot more organized than last week, which will hopefully show in my quality of work. I picked out all my assignments early, brainstormed, even made posts in them in advance so I wouldn’t forget anything.

Well, here’s hoping I didn’t.

I worked on commenting first, since last week it got away from me. And by, “get away from me” I mean I totally and completely slacked and that’s no bueno. So, I got it done super early so I wouldn’t forget and feel like a mountain of trash. And would you look at that…. I don’t!!! It’s like being proactive is a good thing and makes you feel better. Sheesh, who would’ve guessed?

Since I got the hang of making videos last week, this week wasn’t AS bad in terms of motivating myself to get stuff done and get it done well. I mean, that’s just my opinion and hopefully you all think that my work is good, too!!!

I tried to keep stuff light. I wasn’t feeling that dramatic this week. I felt like keeping things funny. ehhh it’s not technically “noir” but ya know, nobody’s perfect and I just kinda rolled with what worked for me this week.


So Early It’s Almost Late (Wait, What?)

Video Interview With Noir Character

NPR Got Nothing On Me: Interview With Victoire

15 Stars of Video Assignments (completed 18.5)

Product Review: LINK to o.g assignment. 1 star. Woah, bro, is that from the future? 

Kuleschev Effect: LINK to o.g assignment. 2 stars. Every Girl Needs A Swiss Army Knife.

Kinetic Typography: LINK to o.g assignment. 4 stars. Words Seared.

Cooking Show: LINK to o.g assignment. 3 stars. Tea Time Bitches.

News On the March: LINK to o.g assignment. 4 stars. PILOTS WANTED

Return to Silent Era: LINK to o.g assignment. 4.5 stars. Jaeger Bomb

Final Unit Choice

Is That Your Final Decision? 

Yes, yes it is. I will be working with Erin Clark , Stephanie White and Tiffany Yowell for the final leg of DS106.

Daily Creates

1. Most Important Meal of the Day!

2015-03-23 14.26.52

2. Na-Na-Na-I Wonder If Batman Likes Bananas

2015-03-24 19.45.42

3.You’re Burning My Biscuits

Screenshot 2015-03-25 13.13.02


  1. Tyler Daig

    Please teach me how to be organized like you!!

    1. Megan (Post author)

      sure! really i just make my summary post at the beginning of the week with all the assignments and fill in the blanks as i go.


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