The Beginning of the End: Week 11

I have to be honest, I started this week with the thought, “what the hell are we supposed to be doing.”

I mean, I set out all the assignments and junk as per usual to keep myself organized and on track, but still had the, “ok well what the hell do I do now” feeling. This feeling is directed at the whole Agency project. I figured the first thing to do was organize with group members about it and see what’s what… maybe we could organize from there?

We got a Facebook chat rolling (which we learned from the radio show project to be a good idea) and started talking about how/what we wanted to do. Erin made up a google doc, and we brainstormed a lot of ideas. Eventually we have come to the decision to have our Agency be called, “Hit Me”, and it is essentially a house that Erin’s character, Veronica, bought and invited Stephanie, Tiffany, and my characters to live. We brought Lawrence back to life, and are creating a stronger love story between he and Victoire (my character.) At the same time, Erin’s character is a mastermind with Stephanie’s character as number two, and opened up a hit-man business. Lawrence, being a hit man, is the teacher and shows the ladies the tricks of the trade. Luring men into their grasp, then killing them. However, he becomes a bit jealous when Victoire becomes a bit TOO good at her job.

I created the wordpress as an addition to my ds106 blog. The web address is: the1agency.wordpress.com and the title of the website is (at least at the moment) Hit Me. I created the pages, and we all have begun to fill in the blanks. We all wrote resumes for our characters and are putting those on the site as well. I ended up writing the about page, and added a blurb to the contact page.

Shout out to Stephanie, by the way. She’s had a very tough time recently, and despite that has been doing a great job in keeping in contact with everyone and working as hard as she can. : )

No matter how quickly the ball has been rolling on this final project, I am still a bit fuzzy about what the, “whole point” of the thing is. Is this something the professors will tell us in due course? Am I missing something? I’ll have to stay tuned.


10 comments as per requested: Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger…

Daily Creates:

1. Bro-meo, Oh Bro-meo, Where Art Thou Bro-meo

2. Happy Birthday

Assignments: 10 total

Web based: 5 stars

Character Resume: 3 Stars: Will Work For Lipstick

Character Pinterest: 2 Stars: I Like What I Like And Hate What I Hate

Other: 5 stars

Writing Assignments: You Can Quote Me On That: 2 Stars: To Quote Some Dude…

Writing Assignments: Write A Review: 3 Stars: I Can’t Believe I Watched This Movie

Agency Assignments:

Here is the web address for our agency website…. please check it out!




  1. Savanna

    I feel ja boo! I was like…..ummmm you want me to subdomain? What is that? lol

  2. Jonathan Polson

    I agree that this hasn’t been easy, but it’s awesome to have a great group on your side (which it sounds like you do!) Also, it can’t be noir106 without the assignments being a little mysterious, right? Thanks for sharing your work; it’s definitely inspiring!

  3. pboyle5912

    Very cool, I like the whole Hit Me thing and bringing back the other characters.

  4. stephaniebwhite

    Thanks for the shoutout Megan, but the real shoutout goes to you! Thanks for setting this up! I hope this week is better :) I’m feeling hopeful!


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