Week 9 Summary

This week we finished up listening to radio shows and commenting on said radio shows. My group’s was on Tuesday at 9, so I sat on my couch anxiously as people listened to our story and tweeted their responses. Tweeting was a bit slim, probably because it was Saint Patrick’s Day, but a HUGE shout out for the people who took time out of their holiday to listen to our show. It means a lot to read your comments and to see what you think!! It was a nerve wracking experience, let me tell you. It’s so STRANGE to listen to your own voice over the radio!! My voice sounded so different I was thrown aback for a second. I was all, “wait… is that really me?” then I realized, “holy shit! It totally is!!”

I ran my own radio show a couple years ago, but that doesn’t mean I actually ever listened to myself talk!!

Also this week I read up and watched videos about “reading” a film. My favorite was the one about Hitchcock and bikinis…


Basically, Hitchcock took the same scene and swapped a mother for a girl and a bikini, and demonstrated how a small change COMPLETELY changes how the viewer experiences the film. I enjoyed learning about how to read film. It’s one of those things where I never really paid attention to HOW a director or a crew manipulates the viewer in order to get them to experience different emotions and thoughts. I went ahead and watched Kiss Me Deadly¬†from this point of view. I made a video report about a specific scene… you should check it out.

Also, I did a number of creative assignments dedicated to film. It was challenging for me to do, to be honest. I decided to work independently rather than in a group this time, mainly so I could practice making short videos on my own. I don’t have a lot of practice in it, so I looked at this as a great opportunity to get some creative video making in my repertoire of things I can do. I hope you like them!

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Daily Creates:

1. Flower Power, Bitches

2.Weather’s A Real Pain In The Ass

Video Essay:

Kiss Me Deadly: Shadow

Video Assignments: 8 stars worth. ( I chose option 1)

Life as an Animal (LINK to o.g. assignment) 4 stars: Tis Hard To Be A Dog

Today it’s all About Me (LINK to o.g. assignment) 2 stars: It Is Me…Victoire

Vine it! (LINK to o.g. assignment) 3 stars: Y’all Got To Stop With These Damn Flowers

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